About Us

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About Us:

The Foo Family is the largest online group of Foo Fighter fans in the world numbering almost 18,000 members on Facebook and www.foofightersuk.com.
We have an international fan base that have generously supported many causes and individuals in the past and welcome the opportunity to continue this through our relationship with Given To Live.

The Foo Family (www.foofightersuk.com) was conceived in November 2010 when Kelly Gaffney and a group of her friends were preparing to see the band at Milton Keynes Bowl in the summer of 2011. She set up a group on Facebook for them all to make their plans and called it ‘I’m going to see the Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl.’ Perhaps short sightedly, she left the group open to all comers and pretty soon people from all over the world had joined and there were dozens of members. By the time of the gig some pretty strong online friendships had been made and some made plans to meet up and experience the day together. Needless to say a great time was had by all and now these online friendships were solidified in ‘real life’.

Once the gig was over the Facebook group continued to swell in numbers. Four years later there are nearly 18,000 of us. Through sharing our love of the band, it’s music and things personal to us we became a virtual family. Every year we hold at least one large meet up. Members from all over the world gather for an entire weekend of Foo and fun. Our oldest friendships grow stronger and newer members come to experience it for the first time. We also meet up in smaller more local groups to experience live music and celebrate birthdays together pretty much every month.

So, The Foo Family is just another online fan club right? Wrong. We raised enough funds to send one of our members to America to see Foo Fighters in New York as she has terminal cancer, raised money to help send one member to the Philippines to work with street children and donated money through the sale of our own charity calendars and merchandise to one members son who needs a lot of physical therapy. There isn’t a month that goes by when one of us is running a marathon, climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane. As a group we generously support these efforts.

 The groups founder and a dedicated team of volunteers are the driving force behind the first proposed crowd funded Foo Fighters gig in the uk. Selling £150,000 of tickets in six days and campaigning for better legislation of the uk secondary ticket market we are hoping to make a lasting impact on the world of live music.

We have done a lot in our time, here are just some examples:

Group achievements:

• Sending Fam to NYC Global Citizen festival 2012 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgrRS5xnVoU

• Sending US fam to the UK 2015 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyhE78fB6ik

• Sending Group founders to the states for Foo Fighters 20th anniversary concert 2015 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8DjZ3Uf4Sw

• Raising £1000’s for charity

• Creating our own merchandise – www.redbubble.com/people/foofam

• Supporting ‘Given to Live’ and helping with ‘meet & greets’ – http://www.giventolive.com/#!supporters/cg8v

• No More Touts campaign – http://www.foofightersuk.com/…/fan-forum-joins-forces-with…/

• Holding residential weekends countrywide for 50+ Foo Fans Worldwide – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw12F905xk8

• Founding a fan2fan ticket exchange – http://www.foofightersuk.com/forums/forum/concert-tickets/

• Founding our own website – http://foofightersuk.com/

The group became a charitable unincorporated association in August 2015

An unincorporated association is not a legal entity. It is an organisation of two or more persons, who are the members of the association. The membership may change from time to time. The members agree, usually in a written constitution, to co-operate in furthering a common purpose.
The affairs of an unincorporated association are usually managed by a committee chosen by the members.

An unincorporated association does not have limited liability

Management team:

Kelly Gaffney – Chairperson
Julia Archer – Treasurer
Sue Marsh – Secretary

FOO FAM A-Z of lingo.

  • A is for Archer: of course, No Family would exist without it’s mum, and ours is Mamma G, mother of all things Grohl. Always there when you need her (and sometimes when you don’t) you can rely on Julia to cheer you up or help you out. We love you Mamma G.
  • B is for Badger: The Fams word for shit, poo, having a dump. Originated from meet #2, Julia Ascott declared on the Saturday morning she was off to cull a badger. Jager badgers are the most commonly found. If you see some, you know you’ve had a good night! Beware of the claws, some badgers have sharp ones.
  •  C is for Cunt: The Fams term of endearment. If you get called it don’t be offended, for it is truly an honour. Seriously, if you do get offended easily then you are in the wrong place.
  • D is for Dave. Sofa Dave… our Fam mascot. Saved from a settee graveyard, he comes to all the meets and dosses down with Fam members.
  • E is for Echoes: because you know in Fam if you’ve said it, so has some one else. Silence: because you never get that. Patience: because sometimes as with all families, you need it. And Grace: because let’s face it, we don’t have much of that between us.
  • F is for Foo Family! We are worldwide, meet up regularly and growing fast. A caring community who pull together when things get tough. Real fans for a band who keep it real.
  • G is for Gaffneys: the gaffers, Nick & Kelly, without them there would be no Fam. They started this shizz as a small group to meet up at a FF gig and now look at us, worldwide and into the thousands! THANK YOU Gaffneys.
  • H is for Hangin’: hungover, hangin out your arse, generally how you feel for a week after partying with the Fam.
  • I is for Island: Fam Island. One day when we win the lotto, we will buy an island where we can all go live together. Invite the Foos to come play and we will have our own private gig.
  • J is for Jager and bacon: Traditional Saturday morning meet breakfast.
  • K is for Kickstarter: We tried (and failed to get a reply of yes OR no) to organise a fan funded gig here in the UK. It had great momentum and even acknowledgment from both Dave and Taylor, but alas, didn’t materialise after Dave broke his leg.
  • L is for Lesbobs: bobs for short… simply put, they are our lesbian Foo Fam and we love them.
  • M is for Meets: which happen regularly. Whether it be the large once/twice yearly ones organized by the Gaffneys, a small one at a gig or a mini one for drinks/birthdays/hell of it, you should get yourself to one and meet the faces you see on your screens.
  • N is for Newbie: we were all one once. If you are one and reading this, well done, we like that kind of thing.
  • O is for Oh My Grohl: Shouldn’t have to explain this one, but for those who rearrry need it spelled out, it’s better than using Oh My God. Cos lets face it, Grohl IS God.
  • P is for Pep/pepage: Frequently used to agree with whatever has been said, means yes, got it, sorted, cool…etc..
  • Q is for Quiz: Our lovely Shers (Julia Sherwood to some) has done some epic quizzes during our meets, who do you think knows more about the Foo than the Foo themselves?
  • R is for Rearrry?: Taken from Daves interview with TIME where he describes an interviewer who made them laugh because she sounded like Scooby Doo. Adopted by the Fam to replace ‘really’.
  • S is for Saturday Selfies: a Foofam tradition where we generally see who is the stupidest cunt in the bunch on any given day (usually a saturday but sometimes a Sunday when were hanging out of our arses)
  • T is for Tattfoo: Our word for a Foo related tattoo. And we got a plenty of them between us, check out the gallery.
  • U is for Unicorns: Because they fart rainbows…and are awesome.
  • V is for Van: Get in the fucking van, translates to hurry up and get here.. I’m in the fucking van.. I’m en route!
  • W is for Who the fuck are you??: Brought to us by Sam Foosy Stoneman at meet #2, when meeting Julia for the first time. A saying promptly taken on by the rest and now a regular greeting to old and new.
  • X is for X-rated: We are all adults (for the want of a better word hehe) here and often speak frankly/swear/vent/lust/drink/smoke/swear…oh I said that already? Shiiiit..anyway you get my drift. If ya don’t then you know what I’m gonna say.
  • Y is for You know you want to! Another round? More Foo? Meet some Fam? One more drink?
  • Z is for Zzzzzzzz’s: There’s always someone at the meet that has too many brownies (and never live it down). Also, if you spam the page, whether it be selling sunglasses, trainers/sneakers or announcing you’re leaving because you don’t like us, you’ll be a sleepin cos you’ll be gone! zzzzzzzzz…
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