Upcoming Shows and ID FAQ

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After what happened at the O2 on September 19th (and is continuing to happen at other shows), there have been a lot of questions relating to ID. Most have been about which forms are accepted and whether you should take it when going to a show.

Which IDs are accepted?

Here in the UK, the standard forms of photographic ID are a full and valid driver’s license or a valid passport.

However, not everyone has either of those so I sent a quick message to the O2 to find out what other forms of ID big venues (and the smaller ones) accept.

Their response was that anything covered under the government’s PASS scheme will be accepted. The PASS scheme allows people to buy photographic ID cards for a minimum amount of money (around £15). In return, they get a card which bears their details and photograph as well as the national PASS hologram. There are various retailers online and these cards can be used for age verification, entry to events, and to board domestic flights. You can find a list of PASS ID suppliers at the end of this post.

I have a work ID. Will that be accepted?

If you have a work ID (Military, NHS, private company etc) is to email the venue that you’re going to. If they say that they will accept it, take a copy of the email with you in case you’re refused at the gate. If you have another ID (passport, driver’s license etc) take that, too, just in case.

Do I need to take my ID with me?

At the present moment, the answer would be yes. There have been a few posts circulating on various forums that ID will only be needed for special shows and not the big tour shows, or that it’ll be needed for all shows irrespective of where they are, or that certain venues won’t be asking for ID etc etc. For now, be on the safe side and take your ID with you. Whether you get asked for it or not is a different matter.

Does everyone in my party need to have ID?

The answer to that is no, they don’t. However, in the wake of what happened at the O2, I saw a few stories of entire parties being turned away because only the lead booker had ID and security had been asking for ID from everyone, even if their names weren’t on the tickets. For now, make sure that everyone in your party has some form of ID with them. Again, this is another case of rather being safe than sorry. The last thing anyone wants is for you to be turned away from a show.

I’m going to a show outside of the UK. What do I do?

Take your passport with you. I know that many people don’t like carrying their passports out of the hotel room (I tend to lock mine in the safe until I leave) but bury it at the bottom of your bag and you’ll be fine. Don’t risk getting turned away from the show because you don’t want to have your passport with you. If you’re really worried about it being stolen or lost, take the local embassy’s details with you and pay them a visit if the worst does happen (which hopefully it won’t).

Most of all, have fun and enjoy your show!





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