The Magic of The Sky Is A Neighbourhood

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“Even through your hardest days, remember we are all made of starstuff.” – Carl Sagan

While The Sky Is A Neighbourhood has garnered mixed reviews from fans, the video itself needs a moment in the spotlight. Released three days after a total eclipse swept across America, the video harkens back to an age when music videos were used to weave a story and present the song in a new light. The Sky Is A Neighbourhood uses very little CGI and instead relies on sets, wiring, and lighting to create a beautiful and atmospheric vision of an alternative world. This is a world where warnings need to be heeded but also one where fairy tales come true.

The video is littered with possible little nods to those who have inspired and left a lasting impression on the band. TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, X-Files, and the 2002 mini-series Taken receive flickers of recognition while the brightly lit sky is reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A photograph of inventor Nikola Tesla is nestled among a clutch of ornaments. As Dave stomps on the cabin’s roof holes form constellations in the ceiling of the cabin.

But the video doesn’t end with just the beautiful imagery. As the final frames of the video play, a bright light illuminates the band, leaving Dave to mouth “What the-?”.

Whether you believe we’re alone in the universe or not, The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’s video is a fitting tribute to the wonder of what exists above our heads. Like so many before us, the images that the band shot ask the age old question, “What if?”.

What if there is other life out there? What does it think of us? What are were telling them by how we act in the here and now? What do they think of our past? And what do they think of our present?

With its throwback to old fashioned film-making techniques, the video has a whimsical feel to it, one that harkens back to childhood stories and long lost dreams. And maybe, in that, is another message, a reminder to remember the things that we once held dear and to chase those long-forgotten dreams. A reminder to look to the sky and remember who we truly are amid a world that is filled with death, destruction, and poisoned politics.

While the band may have shunned CGI for their video, the band released a mobile page which allows you to see the constellations while the band perform at the bottom of the screen. You can find it at: If you want to learn more about the universe, as well as receive notifications on upcoming celestial events, SkyView is here to help.

As NASA said to the band, there are over two trillion galaxies in the universe, each with billions of stars, and we can only see a fraction of them. No matter what your thoughts are on the song and video, remember that we live in a universe that is far bigger than we can ever imagine!

The Sky Is A Neighbourhood is out now on iTunes, Google, and Amazon. Concrete and Gold, Foo Fighters ninth album, will be released on 15th September and is available to pre-order from their website, Amazon, iTunes, and Google.


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