The day I met Dave – by Lisa Woodward, USA.

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It was Vanessa’s idea to go to the Book Festival. I thought it would be cool but a little crazy to fly that far, in hopes on meeting Dave when I thought that would never happen, but she talked me into it. I figured it would at least be fun and cool to hear him and his mom talk and we could do a bunch of fun Hollywood stuff.

We got there early in the morning but of course, not as early as Karen Foozie, and not many people were there so she held some seats in the front row. It was super hot that day California, just so happened to have a heat wave which is funny because usually it’s cool there and hot in Texas.. but I guess we brought the heat with us haha!

Immediately we met a young kid he’s 11 years old named David Lee, he had a Foo Fighters old record and drumsticks he wanted to get signed and so then the wait began. More and more people started filling up, we took turns going to the bathroom and eating. Finally it was leading up to the time when Dave was going to come out with his mom. I guess we waited about 6 or 7 hours. When he did come out it was so surreal because we were so close and there was no rail, it was different than being at a concert. Dave and his mom sat there and talked, I was really in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. Time would seem to go by so quickly I figured when they were done he would just be walking off stage and leave, but the little boy David had asked him earlier in a question, they let him ask if he could please get his stuff signed and Dave kind of nodded his head and pointed… so as soon as they got done talking he headed straight out off the stage toward that kid and Vanessa, being the smart person she is, was standing right next to him and walked directly to him. I think Dave probably thought that was her son as she was the first person he talked to! He spoke with David, took one of his CDs and signed his stuff then Vanessa got to ask him if he would please play February Stars in Napa or Portugal? He said maybe, that they’d have to practice.

I was at that point getting lost in the crowd! I hadn’t got up quickly enough because I was doing a live feed. I was getting kind of lost, kind of far away from him but I was slowly pushing my way towards him. I felt awkward and a little embarrassed because the crowd was getting a little rowdy.. he was getting closer to me and someone actually pushed me.. a security guard said “Please don’t push” I said “I’m so sorry Dave,” he said “That’s okay.” Then the moment happened! He looked right at me I said “Can I please take a picture?” he said “Yeah no problem, of course!” So I put my arm on him, he put his arm around me and I was freaking out! I dropped my phone, I was shaking… all I could say was “Vanessa please get the picture. Vanessa please take the picture!” At that point all kinds of people were taking pictures of us.. at one point Dave said “Oh wow I don’t know what camera to look at.” and he laughed, then I said “Thank you so much!” he said “You’re welcome” or something to that effect, I don’t really remember! and then he turned away and started getting lost in the crowd again. At that point I said to Vanessa “What about our tattoos? we forgot the autograph!” She managed to push her way back to him asked him to sign her wrist by her Foo Fighters tattoo, and he did it quickly. I put my wrist out but nothing happened..

I totally could have got it signed but I wasn’t even thinking about it at the moment and I totally had the Sharpie in my hand as he walked away. I started crying… I forgot to add that I was crying when he walked up close to me, it felt like an outer body experience! I started sobbing but no, I had to get it together to take the picture, so I calmed down and smiled.. when I walked away I was shaking so badly I could hardly walk, my legs felt like noodles and my heart was pounding. I could barely walk over to the line where his mom was to wait for a book signing. When we did get up to her she said that she was sorry that her son David (that’s so cute she calls him David) couldn’t stick around he had to leave because he had a school fundraiser to go to.
Another thing that stands out is how soft his flannel and hair was… his hair touched my face a little bit and it was super soft! Also, when I put my hand on his chest his flannel felt so soft, like he had washed it a hundred times! I think it’s one of his favorites, I know I’ve seen him wear it before in pictures.
And he’s so calm and friendly and humble, especially in a huge crowd. When people started to get rowdy he was just as pleasant as can be, his mom even told me she doesn’t know how he does it, stay so grounded and so nice, with all those crowds and Paparazzi. She said she didn’t know if she could do it but he’s so gracious. That’s part of the reason why I love him so much!
April 22nd, 2017 @The Festival of Books, L.A.
Story: Lisa Woodward, USA
Photo credits: Lisa Woodward & Vanessa Sanchez, USA


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