My Inspiration to “Get Kelly to DC” – by Rico Morazz

Foo Fighters
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There are those in life that command your respect by their actions and behaviors. Growing up, people like John Wayne, Elvis Presley and John Lennon come to mind. Learning real life situations over the last 35 years, I think more of people like Bill Gates, George Steinbrenner or Bon Jovi as I realize that life will be much more of challenge, especially if you don’t put your mind or talents to use. That’s a lesson I could have used learning at a much younger age than I have, which is regrettable. Human beings have put me off as a species, and I really wish I could limit my interactions with them except for study. Problem is, I am one that never utilized my mind or talents, so I have to deal with people constantly, which then magnifies my feelings of wanting to get to know even less humans, so I get stuck in a vicious circle of ‘wanting to say something’ but ‘keeping my mouth shut so no one will talk to me’.

Experience, age and sheer luck have given me not only the ability to still be alive, but a bit of knowledge of survival skills along the way. It’s funny how at 52 I still find solace in music, the same way I did at 13, sitting in my room listening to “Dark Side of the Moon”. There is an old J Geils song (Musta Got Lost) that talks about love, and I’ve learned to replace the word ‘love’ with ‘opportunity’, because after all, love is nothing more than an opportunity. I believe more now than I ever have in my entire life…no matter what time, nor what day or even the weather…when opportunity shows it’s head, pounce on it immediately.

Stumbling onto the Foo Family was nothing more than any of the other fate in my life. I sat around quietly for months not saying a word, but every night reading…watching the interactions and conversations…and became amazed. I witnessed a level of a therapeutic community that hospitals around the world can only envy. I was blown away by the acts of kindness before me involving individuals whose nations could all benefit by acting in such a manor. While we are all living in a world of global hatred and violence, ISIS is decapitating/the working class of the world are being eliminated/religious wars, violence and bigotry…I just keep watching and reading.

What’s nice about life is that we all have the opportunity to ‘lose ourselves in the music’ when needed. Real life has restricted the amount of time I can just do that these days, but even if it’s for a few hours, it’s sometimes the only thing that cures. After months of reading, watching and learning, I had gone through my own set of reality struggles and knew it was time to regroup, which had nothing to do with the Foo Family group. Watching this particular group of people made me realize how much I missed music and how healing it always has been for me. Remember the J Geils song says…” Love comes once and when it comes you better grab it fast”. The brains behind this Foo Family page is one of epic proportion, and learning all I could about her was not only my mission, it became pure pleasure in the process.

When I look at great leaders, and I’m not a highly educated person, I’ve learned that most all of them started with a passion. When I zeroed in on the mind of this Foo Family genius, I found the most wonderfully passionate sole…beaming with the love for life and music…doing the work for thousands because of her passion…I was completely dumbfounded…what a fucking gem of a human being right in front of us all, and working so tirelessly for the good of everybody…her passion has stopped me dead in my tracks. I think I was even more shocked at the lack of support she was getting from the page she created, the same one where everyone else was doing amazing awesome acts of unbelievablness (I don’t think that a word yet, but it applies here) , people weren’t showing her that same respect by signing her petitions and getting behind her fully. Knowing humans, it really shouldn’t surprise me, but I’m not going to let that bother me as I’m getting behind her.

The No More Touts campaign is nothing more than brilliant and it’s something that affects almost every single person I know, in every single country. It’s helping to change the entire music industry as we know it today and directly affects you and me in our wallets. It’s what almost brought the Foo Fighters to Birmingham (hopefully that’s correct). How could anybody not be signing the petitions for this stuff?

The news in November came hard to everyone on the Foo Family page, this virtual/real world family of fucked-up misfits. I was watching as people went through emotions of sadness sending condolence messages, while the firm little leader acted and responded in such a manner commanding my respect. This woman was great, and I couldn’t believe that people were not telling her that daily. On the other hand, I’m sure she wouldn’t want to hear that stuff, but again, that’s the sign of many great leaders. I didn’t know about anybody else, but I want to reward this woman and her husband for the teamwork they do for me and I’m going to make damn sure to sign the petitions and back them fully.

I had bought 2 tickets for the 20th Anniversary Foo Fighter show in Washington D.C. for July when they went on sale for myself and another mystery date that was sure to elude me. I could miss that show since I’m seeing them in NYC, I wondered if the Foo Family page could raise the needed funds to pay for the Gaffney’s flights if I donated the tickets. I decided to contact Kelly and Nicks friends on the Foo Family page to see what they thought about the idea.

I don’t think life will ever be the same, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. We can only be so lucky to know one with such a brilliant mind.
“Love comes once and when it comes you better grab it fast”


By Rico Morazz – U.S.A





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