What NoMoreTouts means to me – by Tom Pugh.

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No More Touts effects us ALL. Wherever you’re reading this…

UK, US, Aus, Europe…

Back a while I joined a facebook group to post about Given To Live. Then
to show Kayleigh getting her tickets. Then the Fam rocked and Kayleigh
got her meet n greet with the band and I posted about that.

I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan and the Foos barely crossed my radar (sacrilege
I know). Seeing them at IG wasn’t watching a show but making sure
Kayleigh was ok, having the best time. But I felt good about the band.
Felt good about the fans.
I posted the story of the day and watched humbled seeing how many people
had been touched.

Then the Kickstarter show came up and I pledged for 6 as my way of
saying thank you for your support knowing I’d be able to use them for
GTL. I didn’t really get the No More Touts bit. I just figured if
they’re too much don’t pay.
I’ve read, listened and realise I was coming from a very spoiled
viewpoint as I can always get a ticket at face value to see Pearl Jam
through fan club tix or trades. That’s the only band I really want to
see. If I don’t get tix for other shows it doesn’t bother me. Win some,
lose some.

But I started to put myself in others shoes and swap it around. I’d go
nuts if I couldn’t get tix for Pearl Jam cos some robot snared them all
in a ‘public’ sale. I put public in quotes cos last time I checked bots
aren’t part of the public I live in.
So that brings me to where I’m at today. To what I see happening.
‪#‎nomoretouts‬ is here. There. Everywhere. It effects us all.

I don’t know Kelly but I’m not sure she realised what this very simple
idea, get a band to play cutting out the secondary market, could mean.
It’s big.

Imagine trying for tickets to a show you want to see knowing you had a
fair shot. Knowing if you were shut out you wouldn’t see 100s of tix
within hours on eBay, stubhub et all.

This is what #nomoretouts means.

Given To Live


Because I know I can get my tix for ‘my’ band why should I bother?
Because life isn’t about just me. It’s about doing the right thing,
about putting energy into something that benefits others. It’s about
you. And you and you. In the States, in Italy, in Brazil, in England.

So we all have a chance to support something bigger than ourselves. This
might make a difference, it might not. But I do know everyone wants a
fair shot at tickets to see the band they love, whether it’s for you, a
gift for your parents, your kids or a special treat for the person
you’ve just started to date to say you mean the world to me.
So please tweet. Please share on Facebook. Please hold up the signs at
the U.S. shows.
You might be in the privileged position where you don’t have to worry
about money and paying $300 for a $50 ticket is no big deal. Ok, please
do it for the person who is a student, a single parent, is in a low paid
job and barely makes ends meet but aches for the night their band walks
onstage. Do it for them because you know that feeling when the house
lights go down.

No More Touts
No More Scalpers
No More.

Say YES to getting fans into shows at face value.

By Tom Pugh. UK.

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